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JKD is the American Chinese martial art founded by legendary Lee. Jeet Kune Do originated in sixties when Lee had a ‘all out no holds barred’ fight with a Chinese Martial Artist. This fight influenced Lee’s philosophy on fighting. Lee believed that the fight had lasted too long and that traditional arts were not good enough.He took the view that traditional martial art techniques were too rigid and formal to be practical in street fighting. He decided to design a system with an emphasis on “Practicality, Simplicity and Efficiency”. He investigated the traditional martial arts extensively and came up with “the style of no styles” This art JKD is today the world’s most sought martial art. Bruce Lees deep interest in philosophy and radical on conformist thinking has evolved JKD into something much more than martial art.

JKD is a Way of Life

It helps you to find that “Nothing” which man seeks when the search for everything ends.(As one passes thru life, there comes a stage where material gains cease to matter, and man becomes concerned solely with finding peace within himself)

JKD is a Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Martial journey

JKD is aimed at Physical fitness & Health, Mental resources, Spiritual growth and Fighting prowess. JKD is an art of Life. JKD is a Self enquiry, a step towards knowing yourself. JKD teaches the spiritual via the physical. (JKD teaches you to understand your body movements in relation to another body, your opponents. It makes you comfortable with yourself and with others. At a later stage you begin to understand your mind. It helps you to question yourself and betters understanding of one’s self and the world)
JKD is taking control of your life. It is about developing discipline, will power & determination. JKD is a re-contemplation about your Life. (JKD is about learning to find time & priority for Fitness, Health & Happiness)
JKD teaches you to fight. It teaches you to react to force with gentleness and overcome it. (JKD builds a fighting philosophy in you. It brings out the warrior in you. When you fight opponents big & aggressive, you realize that in life, it is your reaction to obstacles that count, not the magnitude of the obstacle)
JKD helps you to get beyond System. In its analysis, JKD compares traditional martial arts with Street fighting. In fighting, it teaches freedom from style, pattern or technique. In Life, JKD helps you to free yourself. (At a later stage you realize that man is a slave to the system, the very system that was designed for man. The Individual is more important than any system. JKD teaches you to harness the system rather than play slave to it)
JKD takes you beyond time. Past is History- Learn from it. Present is full of Opportunities – Seize it. Future is Unpredictable- Prepare for it. JKD prepares you for Life.
JKD teaches you your own attitude. It helps you to find your own way. And in the process, it helps you to find yourself. JKD is just as you are – nothing els.

About Ranking System

About Ranking System

History of JKD in India

JKD is the American Chinese Kungfu martial art founded by legendary Lee After his death, his students Dan Inosanto & Richard Bustillo opened up the first JKD School in the world, the Filipino Kali Academy which was renamed to IMB Academy. They authored books to spread JKD awareness worldwide. In India, Military Close Quarter Battle trainers Hon. Major Deepak Rao and Dr. Seema Rao were fascinated by Jeet Kune Do. In 2005 they approached Grandmaster Richard Bustillo in USA to take them under his patronage. GM Bustillo was impressed by their dedication and took them as his private students, tutoring them lovingly in Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy. Today a decade later the Raos have ascended to becoming the world’s highest qualified Instructors in JKD. Apart from their military engagements in CQB, their passion is to spread authentic Jeet Kune Do in India.
We represent the IMB Asia Chapter to teach authentic concepts, philosophies & fighting skills of Jeet Kune Do, in Asia under the authority of our Teacher, Richard Bustillo, Original Student of Bruce Lee. We are the only authentic JKD School in Asia with the lineage tracing to legendary Lee.

What type of JKD?

In India JKD is taught as “JKD Ideology” “Let it be understood once and for all that I have NOT invented a new style, composite or modification. I have in no way set Jeet Kune Do within a distinct form governed by laws that distinguish it from ‘this’ style or ‘that’ method. On the contrary, I hope to free my comrades from bondage to styles, patterns and doctrines.” ——–Lee
JKD is taught world over as
This method emphasizes Lees personal techniques developed by him for himself
In this method, the fighting principles outlined by Lee are used to discover each man’s own truth in combat.
is the JKD Method taught at JKD India. It teaches both of above i.e. JKD Concepts as well as Jun Fan JKD skills. It is based upon teachings of Richard Bustillo & experiences of the Instructors of JKD Ideology.

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JKD Ideology is the ONLY Jeet Kune Do authority in India. To know more about Authentic JKD Instructors worldwide & JKD in India refer to www.JKDindia.com & www.JKDasia.com Bruce Lee
Founder Jeet Kune Do
1st Generation
2nd Generation
RAO FAMILY Major Rao, Dr. Seema(Asia) & Dr.Komal(Mumbai)
3rd Generation
FULL INSTRUCTORS: Ritesh Reddy(Bangalore), Nikesh Agrawal(Delhi) & Others
ASSOCIATE INSTRUCTORS: Kishor Dogra, Dr.KS Banga, Yash Mody(Pune), Pushkar Shah & others
4th Generation
Anurag Sharma & others
5th Generation
AIJF certified Affiliate Instructors