Belgaum Fight Club provides platforms for a pursuing various martial arts courses suitable to one’s interest. There are courses both for novice looking for fighting fitness and professional martial artists wanting to explore the deeper aspects of the art.

For those who aspire to explore the deeper aspects of martial art and wish to pursue continued training in the art, Jeet Kune Do Ideology is an ocean of art & philosophy. Based on the art & philosophy of Bruce Lee, a pioneered form from my teacher Major Deepak Rao (Asian pioneer of JKD & President’s Awardee). For one to take up this journey of martial arts it is mandatory to undergo a basic course of SSD OR MMA for Fitness @ BFC.

A course based on the simple but effective techniques for self-defense in street situations. The course has been designed to be principle based and forms the basic toolkit of Jeet Kune Do. Ideally suited for people looking for a short course for learning techniques for self-defense especially working women & students.

This is a course designed for bucking up your fitness through the training of Mixed Martial Arts. Jeet Kune Do is arguably the first and the most effective art in multi-range fighting. This module of MMA introduces you to the ranges in combat situation. It also includes a variety of fitness exercises / activities to improve your strength, agility, stamina, speed, endurance and much more.