Dr. Seema Rao

Dr. Seema Rao


Dr. Seema Rao is an inspiration to crores of women to shatter the gender barrier and achieve their maximum potential.

She has studied Immunology from Harvard Medical School, Lifestyle medicine from Doane University & Leadership from Westminster Business School. A six times TEDX speaker, published Author of ten books and a Beauty pageant winner.

She stands shoulder to shoulder with men of war and wins their respect. She can run 40 km marathons, shoot an apple off your head with an AK-47, split 5 targets in 2 seconds with a Glock pistol, defuse a complex explosive device and neutralize armed assailants in seconds. She is India’s first and only woman commando trainer.

She has been bestowed with the World Peace Award & Nari Shakti Award- India’s highest civilian honor for women, awarded by the President of India. She has proved that a Woman can play a man’s game and excel at it. She is India’s Wonder Woman!


Despite being a weak child and scared of almost everything, Seema decided to confront her fears. To overcome her fear of heights, she did her mountaineering course from Army Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and got the silver medal. To overcome fear of water, she completed her SCUBA Deep Sea Diving Course from PADI, USA. She overcame her fear of Fire by becoming a Fire Fighter. She overcame her fear of seclusion by doing the Jungle Survival course.
  • One episode of Eve Teasing changed her personality forever. She trained in Taekwondo & Israeli Krav Maga and achieved a Black Belt in both. She took up Air Rifle shooting to improve her focus and ultimately ended up becoming a Combat Shooting Instructor.
  • Today Dr. Seema is a 7th Deg blackbelt in Unarmed Combat. She also trained in Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy under Bruce Lee’s Student Grandmaster Richard Bustillo, becoming the highest qualified woman Instructor in Bruce Lee’s art in the world.


  • The nineties saw the era of a new type of battle – CQB or Close Quarter battle within 30 yards. In the battle of Kargil, commandos fought at close proximity and subsequently the age of urban terrorism arrived making CQB a very important subject. Terrorist would suddenly appear in built up areas and start shooting at people in close proximity. The conventional methods of battle, namely aim and shoot, was ineffective in tackling terrorist burst fire. The WW-II CQB methodology was outdated and the forces began researching and developing newer methodologies. By tryst of fate, Seema & her hubby began their interactions with the armed forces, demonstrating their innovative unarmed combat, reflex shooting abilities and team tactics. Within next two decades, the Rao couple ended up pioneering modern CQB methodology for the Indian forces.


Seema spent 20 years of her prime life as a Guest Trainer training 20,000 soldiers from Indian armed forces, paramilitary & police free of monetary compensation as selfless service to the Nation.

She has trained commandos from every elite force including Army Special Forces, NSG- Black Cats, IAF GARUDS, Indian Navy MARCOS, BSF, Commando Wing, ITBP Commando School, Army Para- troopers and Ghatak units. Seema & her hubby invented Rao method of reflex shooting which was used by many Indian forces. The Rao couple were directed by Army Commanders Gen Deepak Kapoor & Gen VK Singh to impart their CQB innovations to Corps battle Schools in Northern & Eastern Commands. Seema has received 3 Army Chief Citations, which is an unparalleled record for a single individual till date.


She has trained Police of 12 States/Cities. Her methodology caught the interest of the Indian Home Ministry who ordered a pilot course at ITBP Commando Academy to analyse Raos methods. The analysts found the training extremely beneficial.

Thereafter the Home Minister of India put on record her selfless service to the Nation for nearly 2 decades. The Home Secretary of India, Shri GK Pillai made her an approved resource to train State Police Anti Terror Squad & Quick Response Teams to help fight terror. Following Taj Terror strikes, Raos were instrumental in training many key State Police ATS- QRT commando teams all over India. They were also called to impart Urban counter terror training at National Police Academy.


Seema authored WORLDS FIRST ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CLOSE COMBAT OP & used her life’s earnings in gifting 1000 copies to Home Ministry & Indian Army. She authored COMMANDO MANUAL OF COMBAT and gifted it to Indian Forces.
The Queen of UK, Robert Mueller FBI Director & Ronald Noble, Secy Gen INTERPOL commended her skills & welcomed her books in SWAT, INTERPOL & FBI libraries. Shri Narendra Modiji applauded her service to the country. Despite bankruptcy, Seema never accepted sponsorship, donation or grant for her books gifted to the Indian forces.


Seema’s father was a freedom fighter who fought in India’s freedom struggle. Deeply influenced by his patriotic stories, Seema wanted to do something for the soil. In the field of commando training, she found her calling.
She spent the prime years of her youth in freezing high altitude, scorching hot deserts, dense jungles & hostile LOCs. Due to her forces commitments and heavy physical demands, Seema decided to not have a child but instead adopted one.

Seema has fractured almost every bone in her body. She once slipped from a monkey rope at a height of 50 feet and suffered vertebral fracture. During a grappling bout with a fellow soldier, she got upset when she heard the news of her fathers sudden demise. She lost her focus and took a fall on her head, causing severe head injury with loss of memory for months.

Seema got randomly shot by terrorists but nothing deterred her determination to serve. All this without charging fees!


Dr. Seema was featured in the bestseller book "Yes, She Can" by British author & MP of UK Ruth Davidson as one of the 14 most influential women worldwide along with Theresa May & Melinda Gates. She was featured for Woman Power by Forbes magazine. She was voted by Indian women for the ‘Femina Woman We Love’ award. She has been featured as a woman of substance by Savvy, Femina, Vogue, Society, Verve, Grazia, New Woman, Forbes India, India today, Radio One, Times of India & American magazine 'V'.


Dr. Seema is widely sought for her tremendous influence over women. Seema is regarded as an iconic leader by crores of women who want to achieve their maximum potential. She is continually hounded by the press and media making her forever viral on social media. With over 10 lakh fans on social media, she is always in the news.
Whenever she is not on commando assignments, she travels widely giving motivational lectures to corporate and institutions of repute. She lectured 25,000 women at the prestigious National Women’s Parliament sending the crowd into a frenzy. She also does a few endorsements for socially viable brands.

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